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Daily Delicious

Northside Sports Page offers up daily food and drinks to satisfy all your cravings. Call us today or stop in to try our daily specials today!


MONDAY: $4.50 (2) Eggs, (1) Side choice of 1 meat or potato W/Toast - $5.00 2 Chili dogs W/Fries or Tots.

TUESDAY: $6.25 (2) Fresh Toast, (1) Meat, (1) Potato - $6.00 Cheeseburger W/Fries or Tots.

WEDNESDAY: $4.00 1/2 Biscuits and gravy $7.25 BBQ Pork Sandwich W/Fries or Tots.

THURSDAY: $4.50 Muffin Sandwich W/Choice of Meat - $8.00 Beef Philly W/Fries or Tots.

FRIDAY: $4.50 (2) Eggs, (1) Side choice of 1 meat or potato W/Toast - $8.00 Hand breaded chicken tenders W/fries or tots.

SATURDAY: $7.00 Stuffed French Toast - $1.00 Off any full Wet Burrito.

SUNDAY: $4.50 (1/2) Breakfast Burrito - $7.00 Grilled Chicken Sandwich W/Fries or Tots.

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Western Cheeseburger
BBQ sauce, grilled onions, bacon, Swiss & cheddar cheese
Stuffed with onions, lettuce & tomatoes. Covered with burrito sauce & cheese. Served with chips & salsa. Sour cream, hot peppers or extra salsa 50¢
Hot Dogs, Chilli Dog, Chicago Dog, Slaw Dog, Reuben Dog, Texas Dog, BLT Dog.